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We are proud to offer a broad range of services to make your experience with KM Studios a memorable one.
For pricing, please visit our Pricing 
page for more information.

Studio/Event Space

1,560ft. studio/event space for rent that can be used for any project, production, or event.

Contains a control room, 17ft. x15ft. cyclorama wall, 12ft. chromakey green screen backdrop, and various colored backdrops. 

Conference Room

If you are looking for a room to meet with your team or hold a workshop or class, our conference room is perfect for it. We have a large meeting table, whiteboard, and 60 in. television. to help make your experience a pleasant one.

Casting & Rehearsals

We have several different spaces that can be used to hold casting calls, auditions, and rehearsals. 

Video Production

Trained video production team that is here to help create videos for clients and help bring their vision to life. We offer all crew services as well as creative positions to help you create a compelling story.


We have a fully functional kitchen in house with a large refrigerator, microwave, and sink, as well as all the basic utensils and supplies you may need. There are complimentary beverages available, including sodas, coffee, tea, and water.

 Equipment, Furniture, & Props

We have a large inventory of film/video equipment, including cameras, audio, and lighting gear, furniture such as chairs, tables, couches, and more, as well as several props available for rental and use with any in-house productions and events.

Catering Assistance

While we do not have on-site catering/cooking services, we are able to help out if you need to supply catering for your event. We have a list of caterers/restaurants that we strongly recommend from experience, and we can also assist with pickup/setup of the food so you can focus on your event without having to break away.

 Makeup/Green Room

Complete with comfort and class, our green room is available for rent. Whether you need a space for talent/cast to get their hair & makeup ready, or even hold makeup workshops/classes, our green room is the right fit.

Production Assistants

Trained production assistants are available to help with any technical and on-set needs (camera, lighting, audio, etc.). In order to request this service, we ask that you give KM Studios at least 48 hours’ notice if a production assistant is needed for your booking.

Set Design Rooms

We have multiple rooms that can be transformed and designed to fit a certain style, such as a bedroom, office, restaurant, etc. so you can film or hold photoshoots in them. 

Podcast Studio

Fully intact with recording essentials and audio equipment, our podcast studio is available to rent. Our studio has acoustic soundproof boards to ensure high quality audio for your podcast.

If you would like to receive more information about our services and rental spaces, please contact us!

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