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The Spotlight Room is a dedicated recording studio space used for podcasts, audiobooks, and more. 

Recording Studio Session $65 per hour

*Requires a 2 hour minimum booking

​All recording studio sessions come with:

  • RODECaster Pro II Podcasting Kit with PodMic and Desktop Stand 

  • Allen & Heath Qu-16 16-channel Digital Mixer

  • Audio-Technica AT875R Line/Gradient Shotgun Condenser Microphone

  • Seinheiser Wireless Lavalier Microphone set

  • EMB EMIC2500 Wireless Microphone System 4-Channel UHF Cordless Mic Set

For an additional fee, we offer: 

  • Podcast Audio Technician = $40 per hour

    • Trained Audio Technicians are available to assist you with the technical aspects of your Podcast which includes the audio ​

  • Production Assistants = $35/hour

    • Trained production assistants available to help with any technical and on-set needs (camera, lighting, audio, etc.)

    • Must give KM Studios at least 48 hours’ notice if a production assistant is needed

  • Audio Editing Services = $50 per hour

Podcast Studio Rental

Check out our availability and book the date and time that works for you

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